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    About Us

    Frisbee Global company brings with it the news of innovation and progress in the temperature-controlled shipping industry.

    Frisbee Global specializes in pharma shipment. During its operations,

    Frisbee Global has carried out many international and internal temperature controlled projects. In each project,

    Frisbee Global has gained experience, knowledge and
    understanding for the needs of the client in particular and the market in general.


    Reliable Shipping Company

    Frisbee Global's areas of specialization are:

    Temperature controlled courier services Door 2 Door.

    International shipping packages with Load & Go technology

    Distribution bags for internal domestic distribution with Load & Go technology

    Development of breakthrough products for temperature controlled logistics - Among our solutions are the Flexible Pallet Shipper and the PCM based reactive thermal blanket. These solutions are breakthrough in their field and enable improved performance while reducing costs.


    What We Provide

    Frisbee 360° service

    The Door 2 Door delivery service of Frisbee Global is a revolutionary service in temperature controlled transport.

    At frisbee global, we will track the shipment and will act, if necessary, to avoid delays in the delivery.

    The customer will be able to decide when he wants to send the thermal packaging and after the goods are cleared, the thermal packaging will be collected by the courier company and sent abroad
    in the same day.

    Development of customized thermal packaging

    We develop a temperature controlled solutions for the needs of our customers
    according to the customers unique temperature profile and taking into account its operational needs.

    Frisbee Global adjusts the solution to the customers operational procedures and not vice versa.

    We are always trying to help our customers get the most efficient solution for them and thus streamline and reduce the operating cost of its facility.

    Validation service

    Frisbee Global offers its customers a unique validation service, including a comprehensive validation report.
    Frisbee Global poses an advanced climate chamber that can be programmed allows to simulate different temperature profiles according to the 
    transport conditions defined by the customer. Frisbee Global ensures the planning and implementation of the validation processes, needs analysis, dispersion and temperature mapping. We examine the results and conclude
    from them how to upgrade and improve the solution for the
    benefit of the customer.

    Our Products

    For Temperature-Controlled Shipments International Shipping Systems

    Pallet Shippers

    PCM Thermal Reactive Blanket-

    PCM Cooling Elements

    Data Loggers 

    Distribution Bags And Carriers For Temperature Sensitive Products


    Hasharon 3 street, Lod Israel